L.U.E.Y. Weekend


ABOUT US... How it all started
The Houston Council of Clubs (HCC), Inc. was formed to promote, sponsor and hold an annual event called "Let Us Entertain You" weekend  - a.k.a. LUEY Weekend. Throughout the year we work in a combined brotherhood, sisterhood, and camaraderie among member organizations, organizations, associations, courts, local bars and businesses as well as individuals whose stated purposes coincide with those stated in our HCC guidelines. And it all culminates into one incredible weekend of debauchery and fun!

Let Us Entertain You started in 1971, by the Texas Riders, a gay leather motorcycle club, in order to 'keep the party going' for individuals returning from Mardi Gras in New Orleans - read; throw a party to thank the people of New Orleans for all their hard work during Mardi Gras... A "Let Us Entertain You" weekend for all the L/leatherfolk in New Orleans. The weekend following Fat Tuesday was designated LUEY Weekend.

In 1973, it officially became an annual event and the first full-fledged "LUEY Weekend" was born.
In the infant stages, LUEY Weekend consisted of a small bar run by those eager to continue celebrating after Mardi Gras... Over the years, as word spread and the event grew in leaps and bounds, other local social clubs and charity organizations joined in hosting this event.

Many years later, the Houston Council of Clubs added the 'Show of Shows'. This event marks the closing of LUEY weekend and is held on Sunday afternoon. The 'Show of Shows' is put on by the member clubs and features a wide range of what can loosely be called (read; demented) "entertainment". It  has delighted and mortified thousands upon thousands of participants over the years.

LUEY Weekend is still primarily geared for the L/leather & BDSM communities... However, it has managed to uniquely transcend all boundaries by bringing together the Leather, BDSM, Bear, Cowboy, Transgendered, and Drag communities for a four day social.

Gay, Bi, Pans. Trans, or Straight... male or female or somewhere in-between. It doesn't matter how you identify or define yourself... all are welcomed - and all have a damn great time at LUEY Weekend. It is a venue to network, socialize, party and getaway from the hectic everyday world... And meet lifelong friends from all over the globe in the process.

LUEY Weekend... The Houston Council of Clubs. Inc. has grown to its current member roster - with more than 1200 registered guests from over 47 states and 6 countries.

There has never been, and still is no registration fee for out of town guests. Local guests (Harris county and surrounding counties) are required to pay a $15 registration fee.

Please go to the Run Schedule page for times of registration

Registration for LUEY includes;

Thursday night and Friday night snacks, an official LUEY Run Pin (Registered participants are required to display their "official LUEY" Run Pin in order to attend any and all weekend festivities)., Receptions throughout the run that are hosted by the various local groups, a fantastic Saturday morning brunch, a Saturday Bar Hop (transportation provided), Saturday afternoon lunch, an incredible Saturday Dinner, featuring the TFL Hat Contest, and another infamous "Show of Shows" on Sunday (transportation provided) to round out the weekend.
And we won't even go into details about the traditional 'Unofficial After Party'... You'll have to just find out for yourself! ;o)~

NOTE: Due to local and federal liquor laws, LUEY Weekend is restricted to participants 21 years old and older.

Advance registration is requested.

 Registration is limited to the first 1000 people.

Late registration is also available on Saturday morning.  It is recommended that you pre-register online... if you can't make it Thursday or Friday,  get there EARLY during the  Saturday morning brunch to register.